Wild Horses



Honey is estimated to be around 4 years old and stands approximately 14.3 hands. She was picked up out on the range in Stagecoach after getting stuck in barbed wire fencing twice. Honey is currently in halter training.



Grosh is a 4 year old mustang gelding. He was brought in from Dayton, NV due to a torn up chest. We vetted him and rehabbed him. He needs to be trained and learn to trust humans. If he does not get adopted out he will take part in our trainer challenge 2020.

Trooper (Adopted


Trooper is a 2 year old mustang gelding who was illegally captured in Silver Springs, NV. Once we became aware of his situation, we alerted the brand inspector. He was then gelded and brought to LBL. If he is not adopted out he will be apart of our trainer challenge for 2020.



Luna is a estimated to be 12 years old. She was rounded up in Moundhouse, NV. LBL purchased her. She foaled Shamrock. She is currently in training to be halter broke.



Sassy is a yearling who came to LBL when she was just 6 months old. She has had little training and is still terrified of people. If she does not get adopted out she will be in our trainer challenge for 2020.