President & Vice President



 Brittany is our President of LBL. She first got into horses when she was just 12 years old. She started showing at the age of 13 and was in the local pony club chapter of Saratoga, CA. Brittany got out of showing when she turned 23 and just rode for fun. She was a vet assistant for 2 years. She now runs LBL Equine Rescue and works full time.



Linda is our Vice-President of LBL. Linda always had a passion for horses and had her first horse in 3rd grade, When Linda grew up she was excited when her daughter "Brittany" got into horses. Linda enjoyed watching Brittany show and enjoyed trail rides together. Linda and Brittany created LBL Equine Rescue together.

Full Time Board Members



Rae started at LBL as a volunteer but has now joined our board. She is a wild horse advocate and loves the horses we bring in. She loves spending her days at the rescue tending to the horses. She has devoted so much hard work and we appreciate her!



Di started as a volunteer at LBL but has now joined our board. She is also a wild horse advocate who enjoys spending time at the rescue. We appreciate all the hard work Di does around LBL.



Sue started up as a volunteer but has quickly joined our board. She is also a wild horse advocate and loves spending time out on the range as well as with the horses at LBL. We appreciate all the hard work Sue does around LBL.

Out of State Board & Legal Team



Elizabeth is our out of state board member who is an emergency RN. She's always had a love for animals and enjoys visiting LBL when she's in town.



Barry is our legal team who supports us with our horse rescue. He developed a love for horses 12 years ago. He currently practices law out of state.

Our Programs



Our goal is to rescue horses, rehabilitate them and retrain. Then place horses in approved homes!

Wild Horses


We work with Nevada Department of Agriculture to bring in injured wild horses. 



Everyone you see at LBL Equine Rescue is a volunteer. Get involved today!