They Found Forever Homes



Faith was rescued at Auction by LBL. She came in with another mare. faith settled in very well here at LBL and started her training. We established that she was broke to ride and nicely started under saddle. We do know she was from a ranch out of Fallon, NV. Faith was adopted out with Reggie and living to dream on a 40 acre parcel with other horses! We are happy this sweet girl found a loving home. 



Reggie was quiet a surprise here at LBL. His mother was purchased from a kill buyer with a 4 month old foal attached to her (was not her baby). We soon realized that Summer was pregnant. Reggie was born at LBL and started his training right away. Reggie was adopted out with Faith and lives on 40 acres. He enjoys playing with his pups and other horse friends. We are so happy Reggie found a loving home! 



Breezy came attached to Summer as a 4 month old From a kill buyer. We were told she was Summers baby but she is not. Breezy was adopted out in June of 2018. She is loved and being trained by her new owners. 



Rogue was brought to us from Lyon County Animal Services on a neglect case. She was malnourished and thin! Rogue quickly gained her weight back and was adopted out in 2018. She is loving her new family and loves being the center of attention! 



Gunner came to LBL on an owner surrender. He spent a couple years at LBL but was adopted out in 2018. He has come a long way and is being ridden by his new owner! 



Breeze was brought to LBL by Lyon County Animal Services. He was very malnourished and underweight. With love and care, he slowly gained weight and within a year was back to normal. He was adopted out and is loved daily! 




Summer was purchased from a kill buyer with a 5 month old foal attached to her but Summer was not the mother. Summer foaled about 4 months after arriving at LBL to Reggie. She was then started in her training and was adopted out.



Spartan came from a neglect case with 5 other horses. He was underweight and had no life to him. After gaining weight he started perking back up. Everyone loved him and he was boarded at LBL. Unfortunately, he suffered from (what the vet thinks) was a stroke. Rest in peace Spartan! You are surely missed here at LBL.



Gypsum and his mother came to LBL late at night from the range due to his ligament injury. That night his mother rejected him and he was bottle fed by the crew at LBL throughout the night. The following afternoon he left for another rescue in Nevada and was later adopted out.



Milan was rescued from a pond by TLAR and LBL. He was transported to the vet. His new owners were on the call and fell in love with him. They nurses him back to health. He is doing great and is loved daily! 



Classy came to LBL as a 5-6 month old filly. She quickly found her owner and has been trained and riding barrels. 



Cali was an owner surrender. She quickly bonded with one of our volunteers. Chey adopted Cali out and they've been inseparable since.

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Jax (Known as Avery)


Jax was born here at LBL. His Mother came in as an owner surrender/neglect case. The vet gave us a 50% chance of him surviving  due to his mom being malnourished. Within 2 weeks, he was no longer at risk and 2 months later, Brandy foaled Jax. He went through training and was then adopted out. He is loved daily and has a new buddy to hang out with.

Skittles~ 2019 Trainer Challenge Winner


Skittles came to LBL on an owner surrender. He was entered into our 2019 Trainer Challenge event where Skittles and his Trainer Holt took first place. Holt bonded with Skittles and decided to adopt him out.



Bell came to LBL on an owner surrender along with Geronimo. We are happy to announce that Bell and Geronimo have been adopted out together and are enjoying their new home. We are so happy for them both!



Geronimo came to LBL as a two year old. He was adopted out and was trained and then 2 years later his owner fell on medical issues so he came back with Bell. Geronimo and Bell are now adopted out together and enjoying their new home.