Run Free Over the Rainbow Bridge



 Zipper was LBL's first rescue call and it was a bad one. As you can see from the photo Zipper was in awful shape. His feet were so bad that he rarely would get up to eat due to the pain and therefore was underweight. Zipper had such severe found that he couldn't stand properly which contributed to the horrific way his legs and hoofs look in the photo. Zipper could barely stand, let alone walk- but LBL still tried to see if something could be done. Unfortunately after discussing with 3 different vets and a couple different farriers the consensus was all the same- the damage was too severe and nothing could be done to correct Zippers legs or bones. LBL made the decision to euthanize Zipper so he would no longer be suffering. Zipper is now able to run pain free over the rainbow bridge. 



 KJ was a 20+ year-old Arabian gelding who was an owner surrender to LBL. KJ was full of love and just wanted to be pet and loved on by everyone. KJ was broke to ride and rode well- KJ did have a bit of paralysis on his lips and therefore needed to be ridden in a hackamore but otherwise was great with everything. 
Sadly after a major rainstorm flooded most areas and left everything else muddy KJ ended up slipping and falling and breaking his stifle. After the checking with different vets it was determined his pain was too great and we had him humanely euthanized.

KJ is now running care free over the rainbow bridge..



 Carmen was a 36 year old Arabian mare who came into LBL along with Cali as an owner surrender due to the owner not being able to care for them properly. Carmen was slightly underweight when she came in and needed to be put on a mainly senior feed diet along with hay cubes all soaked in water to help her consume a better amount of calories and in a short bit of time she got back to a proper weight. Carmen spent her days as a permanent resident at LBL until a little after a year later she became ill and under the recommendation of our vet we had her humanely euthanized.
Carmen was a sweet old mare that received lots of love and brushing during her final days on earth and now she can be young again on the other side of the rainbow bridge. 



 Beauty was a branded Mustang mare; she came as an owner surrender to LBL Equine Rescue when the previous owners were given the option to sign her over or face her being seized. Beauty was extremely emaciated but was able to gain weight and looks infinitely better. Unfortunately, Beauty crossed over the rainbow bridge in Spring of 2018. She will be forever in our hearts. 



 Bandit was a 6-year-old paint stallion that was turned over to LBL with the help of Lyon County Animal Control in early November of 2017. Bandit’s hooves were severely over grown, he was emaciated, and in over all poor condition. Bandit had a difficult time moving around, and would often lay down because his feet hurt so much. We decided to give a little time to adjust to having regular feed and hopefully he would gain weight and get better. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Bandit was seen and x-rayed by the vet and his condition was a lot worse than originally thought; we discovered that he had a broken coffin bone, severe laminitis, his hoof bones were fusing together, and he was in extreme pain. There was just nothing we could have done for him as corrective shoeing would not have worked at this point as the damage was too far gone.
On November 28, 2017 we made the decision to humanely euthanize Bandit and set him free from all his pain. Bandit is now running pain free across the rainbow bridge! Rest in Peace sweet boy. 



 Silver was just a grumpy old man with a giant heart. He sadly had a bit of a rough background in life and something happened to make him hate people. He was slowly warming up to people and let us show him some of the love we all had for him. Unfortunately, Silver was blind in one eye due to a cancer that is prone in Appaloosa  breeds. The cancer then started spreading to his other eye and the vet was already discussing removal of eyes. Upon further exam we found the cancer did not stop at his eyes and after consulting with 2 vets, we knew the best route possible for him was to let him go quietly with loved ones around. 

Over the Rainbow Bridge



 Bella was a young Mustang filly brought to LBL along with her mother when Bella was discovered caught in a fence. Bella was severely ill and injured and it was our hope to nurse her back to health; unfortunately, after a vet check it turned out she had multiple injuries to legs and ribs and a fractured pelvis. Bella’s injuries were too severe, and we made the decision to humanely euthanize her. Bella is now able to run and play pain free over the rainbow bridge- Rest in Peace little Bella 



 Hope was a 20-25 year old Quarter type mare who was rescued from auction. Hope was severely emaciated and malnourished- every bone in her body could be seen from a distance. Hope was also pregnant when she was rescued and 10 days after her arrival at LBL hope gave birth to a beautiful little foal that we named Serenity, (Reni), and amazingly the foal was very healthy and thriving. As we got to know Hope more she was a bit shy of people but allowed herself to be haltered and was just a doll and loved to be scratched right on the top of her forelock. We found various traces of scarring all along her back, stomach, and legs- indicating possible severe physical abuse or a trailer accident. Hope had bad hooves and when the farrier came out it was found that she had one shoe on one leg that he estimated had been there for about a year.
After a few months Hope was beginning to look a bit like a horse- unfortunately that is also when things started to take a turn for the worse. As Hope received more nutrients and gained weight it became apparent that she had a problem in her hind end. The vet came out to check Hope and we found that she had a coffin bone infection and that surgery would be required to treat it. With the amazing generosity of our supporters we were able to fund her surgery as well as Reni’s, (she had a hernia on her umbilical cord), and transported them both to UC Davis where the vet there took care of her surgery.
Hope had to have the surgery twice before she came back and in the amount of time that she was there the vet who took care of her suggested she had at one point fractured or broken her pelvis by the way she was stood, walked, and her back looked. We did not have x-raying done but took that into consideration. Hope was doing well for a few months after her surgery- but then started becoming sore again and this time she was also becoming aggressive towards people.
Hope was on a high dose of pain medication already and after some time it was decided that the best thing for her would be to relieve her completely of her pain and we had her humanely euthanized. It broke our hearts as Hope had fought so hard, but the pain was just too much for her and we couldn’t let her suffer any longer.
Hope can now frolic pain free over the rainbow bridge. 




September 24, 2018

Cheyenne was our old lady of the herd at 30+ years old. She had a small group of mares that she took charge of while she lived at LBL Equine Rescue and became their lead mare. She was full of life and energy and had no problems showing another horse who was boss. 

She was the longest rescue we had here at LBL and had Cushing syndrome which caused her to grow hair like a teddy bear. Sadly after all her time with us we came home after work to find that she had passed away in her barn. 

We will remember Cheyenne as the Queen of the field who ran everyone off during feeding, but she was a gentle soul to all who came in contact with her. She was great for kids to learn to halter, groom and practice ground work on and everyone loved her. Our hearts are broken and we will miss her terribly.



Maru was a 17 year old thoroughbred who was an owner surrender. She came to LBL on the thin side and was blind in one eye. She was a love bug and just wanted to play in the round pen. She was with LBL for a year and then suffered a stroke, causing paralysis to her right side. She had a hard time walking and the vet believe she had a brain tumor. Unfortunately, LBL made the hard decision to let her cross the rainbow bride. Maru will forever be loved and missed!



Goldie was a wild stallion who was known for his majestic beauty. All the locals loved seeing him out with his band. He was about 17 years old when he came to LBL. Goldie had suffered an injury to his left front leg. LBL worked closely with the vet and monitored him. Unfortunately, had severed all his tendons except his suspensory and chipped his cannon bone. LBL made the hard decision to let him cross the rainbow bridge.



Pheonix came to LBL  in February of 2019 with extremely long hooves. She couldn’t even load into our trailer. We had our vet and farrier attend to her hooves prior to coming to us. We gave her time and farrier care but unfortunately her coffin bones rotated. We had to send Pheonix over the rainbow bridge. You will be missed daily here at LBL. Run free sweet girl